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Scrap Car Removal Ontario Auto Recycling is Toronto’s very best car recycling facility. You can purchase, sell, and scrap all kinds of cars for cash. We have been fully in operation since 2021. The company was founded by a bunch of people who genuinely care about the environment. Everyone involved recognized there was a need for a better way to get rid of unwanted vehicles.

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No one wants to have an old car doing nothing but taking up space. If you are tired of seeing that old car sitting around and wasting space, you’ll be glad to know you don’t have to continue looking at it. There’s an easy way to get rid of that unwanted car that you no longer want. Getting rid of a vehicle that no one wants can be difficult to do. However, with scrap removal services, that’s no longer the case. If you are in and/or around the GTA, you can get rid of your unwanted vehicle with us. Our services are incredibly convenient. Not only do we come to you, but we also pay you for it! There’s, even more, to like about giving us the old vehicle that you no longer want.

It can be difficult to pick the right company to scrap your vehicle with. After all, you want to choose a company that is going to be willing and able to deliver you a good price for your vehicle. A lot of the companies around will try to take your vehicle for as little as they can pay. They try to get your vehicle for as little as possible so they can profit as much as possible from scrapping it. Another issue that you may run into is a company paying you for your vehicle. Some will promise high quotes and will give you the run around when it comes time for them to pay up for it. Here at Scrap Car Removal Ontario, we ensure you a smooth and efficient transaction. We don’t exploit our customers. We know the need for our services and we strive to be as transparent and as reliable as possible. We deliver instant deals with our clients. We give a cash offer that both parties agree on. We always do cash deals because it gives our customers exactly what they want. They want to get rid of their vehicle and get paid instantly. When you scrap your car with us, you’ll have cash in your hands in no time.

This means that you get the peace of mind that you are getting fair value for your vehicle and you won’t have to put in countless hours of work trying to get rid of it. You no longer have to deal with having an old unwanted vehicle taking up space in your driveway. You can take that cash and purchase a brand-new model of vehicle without having to worry about making room. You’ll have plenty of room to work with considering you’re getting rid of that vehicle that’s doing nothing but taking up space. Call us right now and get your free quote.

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junk car removal

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We purchase and sell junk cars and other vehicles within the Greater Toronto Area. We do so in various areas in and around Toronto including Caledon, Bolton, Georgetown, Milton, Cambridge, Hamilton, Branton, Burlington, Waterloo, North York, Aurora, and more.

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Great experience using Scrap Car Removal Ontario. They were very professional and timely with the removal. Further, they also keep their word regarding quotes. Fantastic service.

Great company to sell your car to. The price they gave me on the phone was exactly what I recieved when they came here. No low balling at all. Very nice staff. Very fast and efficient service.

Scrap Car Removal Ontario came and picked up a scrap car I wanted to get out of my driveway. Very kind and great service very prompt and on time. Got more for the scrap car than I thought I would. Would recommend their services

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